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Pictures of Port Morseby in WWII
Papua New Guinea

Army Signal Corps photos of Port Morseby in the Pacific during WWII.

From the personal scrapbooks of Lt. Colonel O. Howard Davidsmeyer, Sr.

Picture of General MacArthur's B-17 taking off
General MacArthur's B-17 "Bataan" at 17 Mile Strip

 Picture of B17 bombers on air-strip in the Pacific
Three B-17s at 17 Mile Strip - Moresby, Papua New Guinea
"Schwimmer 17-Mile Aerodrome" was a base used for
fighter and medium bombers during WWII.

016.jpg (38162 bytes)
Papua Hotel, I believe this was in Port Morseby.
Staff car and several jeeps in foreground.


008.jpg (31457 bytes)
Port Morseby from the air, taken October 12, 1942.
Signal Corps photo, Unit D8, 41st Division

097.jpg (108739 bytes)
Swimming in Port Morseby (O.H. Davidsmeyer on right)



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